Why Lord Thirumala Venkateshwara is rich in the World?

Dear Friends! Why Lord Thirumala Venkateshwara is rich in the World? There, was a special training at Hotel Citadel, Bengaluru.  It was whole day training about Fundamentals of Sales Profession. It was almost at the end of the Training, the trainer was summing up for the day.  He said, “We are done with the training program for the day.  Before winding up, let me share something. You all know about Lord Thirumala Venkateshwara right?” The Audience unanimously said, “Yes”. “He is richest God in the World”, Trainer continued, “Do you know why he is Rich?  We know different Lord Venkateshwara at different places. We have one at Devagiri, in Banashankari Bengaluru.  And, we have more such Lord Venkateshwara temples around the city and different places.  But, they are not so rich. Only Thirumala Venkateshwara is Rich… Why? Funny answers came from the audience… Some said, ‘it is branch office – that is head office…!’ Other said, ‘His marketing is good’… and some more similar to that, which was not accepted by Trainer, saying “All the places God same, but they are not reporting to Thirumala as if in HO – Branch office cases. Both are accounted for individually.  So, why the difference in earnings? Why Thirumala Venkateshwara earns more than any other Venkateshwara?” Now, there was no answer from the audience.  Our Trainer continued, “As per my opinion, the reason is very simple.  Both Gods do the same job – of meeting people and blessing them.  But, do you know when Thirumala Venkateshwara sleeps..? It is at between 12.00 AM to- 1.59 AM every day. And then, he wakes up at 2 AM.  All other Venkateshwara’s sleep at 9.00 – 10.00 PM and wakes up at 6.00 AM.  In between afternoon 12.30 to 4.00 PM again they sleep.  But, it is only Thirumala Venkateshwara, who works for more than 20 hours…and daily…!! And that’s why he makes lots of money.  So, he is Rich across the world”. Now, if you need to be successful in your profession, think of Lord Thirumala Venkateshwara RegardsRexchandar

Chapter 1 – First step to entrepreneurship

Dear Friend, Welcome to chapter 1 of learning entrepreneurship! I’m very happy that in a short span of time, 180 people enrolled for this free course. I have good news at the end of this chapter! At the end of every chapter I will be giving you a small task. I request you to share it through email ! Don’t worry I will not share your scores to anyone 😊 Jokes apart, Lets get into the chapter I hope you are aware of Steve jobs Founder and CEO of Apple in 1976, he never know how to write a code But, He had a vision of making computer available for every man in this universe which he success also. After 30 years, he had a new vision to convert mobile phone into modern computers which makes us to use iPhone. It is simple Usually any person wants to start the business follow the below steps Look for capital to start for business Hire or own an office space Launch the business Forms a team Look for business or clients This is not the successful model to implement Let us go back to Steve Jobs story again, he wants to ease the common man daily routine and he sees that no one noticed that as a problem but he noticed it He designed a plan to build a computer which he succeeded in that too ! I am a great fan of Steve Jobs and I follow him always Below are the steps to start the business to become a successful entrepreneur Find a problem Break the problem into various module Design a plan Make a solution Grow your business Generate revenue Build a strong team Automate the business When you are look this model, you feel this will take time to grow. But, trust me you will be work faster than you expected which you will learn in the upcoming chapters. So here is your task List down the common problem which people are facing around you And here comes the good news !! Since there are lots of people who got enrolled for this course of learning entrepreneurship, we decided to launch video content instead of email from next chapter and it is absolutely free for the people. No hidden charges Watch how many every time you need Download and watch in offline I will be sharing you the link shortly! I recommend you to join in our community group and post your queries https://www.facebook.com/groups/405209117001796/ Also, please like our page and share with your friends Regards Rexchandar http://www.learnentrepreneurships.com/

You can start your own business without money and we will tell you how!

Between the age of 23 to 35, almost 90% of the working professional have a dream to become the next Warren Buffet, Bill gates or Steve Jobs but somewhere back of their mind there will be always a doubt that will they get succeed in entrepreneurship? If you ask me, 100% of the entrepreneurs who have the plan and executed their plan on time become market leader in their field.   In most of my training program, people always site a reason that they don’t have enough money !!! We started our business when we had only 2k in our pocket which helps to earn 1500 times return in the span of 5 years Trust me, you no need any money to start a business in this modern internet world. All you need is find a problem and design a solution which will fetch you more and more business. You will be able to corelate more if we tell our story on becoming entrepreneurship. We were working for a giant telecom company in service department. Technically speaking we were in call centre addressing customer’s issues and following up with our back-end team to address customer concern. We are a team of 4 members, who take top 2 complaints or problems in week and send it to our management with our suggested solutions. Believe me, 5 out of 10 times our management consider our solution which reduced the weekly complaint by 15% week on week which reduced our work burden. One fine day we decided to start our own business consulting company which we use our preliminary idea of finding problem for the budding entrepreneurs and suggest solutions. All we did is just find out the budding entrepreneurs in our city and reach out them with the solution to the problem which yielded the result more than expected. Now we are one of the best business consulting company who associated with lots of start-ups. But, When you decided to become entrepreneurs below are necessary Disciplined Leadership Productive Perseverance Task Oriented Innovative Versatile Optimistic Problem solver Profit oriented And you will be trained on this every week and my training material will reach you on every Thursday and Monday. Click here to join in our FB group to check for latest update and our facebook page about our daily activities.