Chapter 1 – First step to entrepreneurship

Dear Friend,

Welcome to chapter 1 of learning entrepreneurship!

I’m very happy that in a short span of time, 180 people enrolled for this free course.

I have good news at the end of this chapter!

At the end of every chapter I will be giving you a small task. I request you to share it through email !

Don’t worry I will not share your scores to anyone 😊

Jokes apart, Lets get into the chapter

I hope you are aware of Steve jobs Founder and CEO of Apple in 1976, he never know how to write a code


He had a vision of making computer available for every man in this universe which he success also.

After 30 years, he had a new vision to convert mobile phone into modern computers which makes us to use iPhone.

It is simple

Usually any person wants to start the business follow the below steps

  • Look for capital to start for business
  • Hire or own an office space
  • Launch the business
  • Forms a team
  • Look for business or clients

This is not the successful model to implement

Let us go back to Steve Jobs story again, he wants to ease the common man daily routine and he sees that no one noticed that as a problem but he noticed it

He designed a plan to build a computer which he succeeded in that too !

I am a great fan of Steve Jobs and I follow him always

Below are the steps to start the business to become a successful entrepreneur

  • Find a problem
  • Break the problem into various module
  • Design a plan
  • Make a solution
  • Grow your business
  • Generate revenue
  • Build a strong team
  • Automate the business

When you are look this model, you feel this will take time to grow. But, trust me you will be work faster than you expected which you will learn in the upcoming chapters.

So here is your task

List down the common problem which people are facing around you

And here comes the good news !!

Since there are lots of people who got enrolled for this course of learning entrepreneurship, we decided to launch video content instead of email from next chapter and it is absolutely free for the people.

  • No hidden charges
  • Watch how many every time you need
  • Download and watch in offline

I will be sharing you the link shortly!

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